Paoli Fire Company

For the January 10 Meeting, Chief Andrea Testa gave a presentation on the Paoli Fire Company.

The Paoli Fire Company (PFC) has been a part of the community since 1909.  Chief Andrea Testa has been the Chief for the past 3 years.  Firefighter Bob Robie and Fire Company President John Beatty joined Chief Testa in bringing us up to date about the fire company.

The PFC serves the areas of western Tredryffin, Easttown, Willistown and parts of East Whiteland townships.  Besides fire fighting and emergency rescue services, PFC also provides fire prevention and safety education, CPR and AED training and car seat installations.  They are also involved with community events like junior firefighter programs (ages 14-18), open houses, Santa visits and parades.

The Paoli Fire Company is a volunteer fire company with 35 volunteers.  These volunteers are firefighters, emergency medical technicians and fire police.  However, because the need is greater than the volunteers can handle, there are an additional 4 full-time and 9 part-time paid firefighters/EMTs to supplement t the staff, especially during weekday work hours.  The volunteers are required to successfully complete the same training regimen that the paid firefighters/EMTs complete. 

Municipal funding provides about 35% of the budget while ambulance funding provides about 33%.  The rest comes from fundraising and grants.  However, only 30% of residents and businesses donate.  As a member of the  T-E Fire Companies Funding Coalition, the PFC is working with the townships to find a sustainable funding solution.   The PFC runs 2 fundraisers a years – an evergreen wreath sale in November/December and Easter Lily sale in March/April. 

PMB Rotarians very much appreciated the presentation and are exploring opportunities for future support and collaboration with the PFC.

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