PMB Rotary Welcomes Our Newest Members

For our April 4th Meeting, we had the pleasure of welcoming our newest member, Carsten Bogs as well as learning more about another recent member, Barbara Richardson during her classification Q&A.

Barbara was born in NYC but has lived most of her life in our area.  She majored in languages at Hamilton College and put her French and German to use when she lived for a short time in France and Austria.  She’s married and has 2 sons, one of whom currently lives with his wife in Paris. 

Barbara started working in the legal department area in real estate but later switched to sales.  She is a very experienced real estate agent and currently works for Berkshire Hathaway.

L to R: President Carla Chieffo and recently joined member Barbara Richardson.

We also inducted our newest member, Carsten Bogs and look forward to his classification speech as well!

L to R: New member Carsten Bogs, President Carla Chieffo and Club Mentor Mark Cunningham-Hill

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