About PMB Rotary

Information about Meetings

When?: Thursdays 6-8 PM

Where?: Aronimink Golf Club, Saint David’s Road, Newtown Square, PA

Agenda:  Networking over dinner followed by club business and a weekly speaker.

Cost: Dinner is $25 person. First time visitors will be our guests.

About PMB Rotary:

PMB Rotary Club Organization 2019 — 2020

  • Marti Magee, President
  • Jim Brown, President-Elect
  • Andy Dohan, Treasurer
  • Carol Robinson, Secretary
  • Mark Cunningham-Hill, President Nominee and Director
  • Charlie Cullum, Director
  • Nan Turanski, Director
  • Jennifer Peyton, Director
  • Carla Chieffo, Past President

For more information on PMB Rotary please see this brochure:

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