PMB Rotary Holiday Party

We celebrated the Holiday Season with food, music, visits from the North Pole and gifts.

Thanks to Lin for coordinating the yummy hors d’oeuvres – always a favorite – and the meal.  He actually has to start working on this about 3-4 months ago so it’s not something that just happens.

Thanks to Rich who provided the Holiday tunes.  Just loud enough for the festivities but not too loud for those of us with some hearing impairment to miss the conversation and camaraderie.

Thanks to Marti for arranging Pinky’s visit from the North Pole.  And thanks to Pinky for making the long trek from the North Pole to visit with the PMB Club.  Imagine, Rotary having a Liaison Elf with Santa.  Well, “Like” knows “Like.”  Santa serves everyone all over the world and so do Rotarians.

Pinky rolled out her very long “Nice” List and then rolled out her, mercifully, very short “Naughty” List.

Thanks to all the spouses and guests for joining us at dinner.  It is great to have time to catch up with Rotarians’ family members. Thanks to Cindy for coordinating the Yankee Swap gift event.  Like past years, there seemed to be a couple of gifts that kept passing through lots of hands.

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